Criminal Defense

Breathe easier knowing that your lawyer will do everything within the law to defend your innocence. The attorneys at Nash, Raley & Rippy have over a decade of experience fighting criminal charges and can help with the following charges:

Assault & Battery

An assault is any attempt to hurt another person. Even a threat to harm another can be considered an assault. Battery, on the other hand, is an incident in which actual physical contact occurred. While the two are technically separate offenses, they are often charged and tried together.

Bench Warrant

If you have a bench warrant out for your arrest it means that a warrant has been issued by a judge rather than as a result of a criminal complaint. When this is the case, local law enforcement officers will be instructed to pick up and deliver you to court. Bench warrants are often issued due to a failure to appear in court, failure to pay a court ordered fine, or failure to complete a court ordered sentence.

Domestic Violence Offenses

Domestic violence charges can be made against a person purely based on testimony. Actual physical contact and/or injury is not needed to make these claims. That being said, it is vital to obtain legal counsel in these types of cases in order to ensure that you are not charged with a crime that you did not commit.

Drug/ Narcotics Offenses

Arkansas laws come down hard on individuals who are convicted of a drug offense. Possession, distribution, manufacturing, sale, and cultivation of drugs are all offenses that could result in misdemeanor or felony criminal charges.


Driver’s license suspension, hefty fines, jail time and community service hours are all potential consequences of a DWI conviction. From first-time offenses to multiple DUI arrests, there should be no doubt in your mind as to your need for a defense attorney. The right lawyer can skillfully work to obtain reduced or dropped charges regarding your DUI case.

A criminal record could adversely affect your ability to secure a job, obtain housing, etc. Therefore, having your record permanently sealed, or expunged, is a good way to allow more opportunities for yourself if an old criminal conviction is still affecting your ability to live normally. An expungement will seal your record and ensure that it is no longer visible to the public. However, only certain cases are eligible for this type of concealment.

Hit & Run Accidents
Drivers involved in an accident of any type are required by law to stop and attend to the aftermath of the collision. This involves exchanging driver information such as license and insurance identification, as well as making sure that all parties involved are safe. Failure to do so will likely be recognized as a misdemeanor or felony offense.

Juvenile Cases
Juvenile crimes fall under three categories: status offenses, misdemeanor offenses, and felony offenses. Each of these is serious and will result in a different set of legal consequences. Furthermore, in almost all cases juveniles are dealt with in a separate court system from that of adult court trials. This means that you will need an attorney that is familiar with the laws and court systems that govern juvenile offenders.

Under law, kidnapping will be charged as a felony offense. This is true whether or not the person involved in the kidnapping was a friend or family member. Unfortunately, claims of kidnap are often made between feuding, divorced couples even when the situation is more a matter of contest than kidnap. For this reason, many parents and relatives often find themselves in need of a kidnapping defense attorney.

Misdemeanor Offenses
While misdemeanor offenses are sentenced less harshly than felony offenses, they nonetheless invoke serious penalties. Consequences of misdemeanor offenses vary and could include jail time of up to a year.

Cases that involve charges of murder are among the most serious out there, particularly in states such as Arkansas that still invoke the death penalty for some criminal offenders. If you have been charged with a murder crime then you will most definitely need a defense attorney that is experienced in a trial court room, as your case will very likely be tried in court.

Probation Violations
The terms and conditions established in a person’s probation are expected to be strictly followed. Failure to abide by the specific circumstances defined in your probation agreement could result in return to jail or prison.

Any form of stealing could be considered a crime of theft, from shoplifting to grand theft auto. The way in which you are charged, tried, and sentenced will depend on the severity of the crime. However, no matter what type of charges you are up against, you will undoubtedly need a defense lawyer by your side throughout the legal proceedings.

Three Strikes Cases
Persons convicted of a third felony offense will be the subjects of a state mandated 25 years to life in prison. This is part of Arkansas’ “Three Strikes Law,” which was established to come down hard on repeat felons, including second time offenders who could receive double their original prison time.

Violent Crimes/ Felony Offenses
Felony crimes are more serious than misdemeanors. As a result, persons convicted of a felony offense will be tried and sentenced more harshly. Among the most common felony offenses are violent crimes such as murder, manslaughter, and rape.

Weapons Charges
Illegal possession of a weapon is most often a felony offense and could result in 4-12 years of imprisonment. Possession of a weapon becomes illegal after certain criminal convictions, as well as instances when the weapon is used to carry out another crime, such as armed robbery.

White Collar Crimes
Non-violent crimes of a financial nature are those that fall under the category of white collar crimes. Acts of forgery, embezzlement, bribery, and computer crimes are only a few examples of the many types of white collar crimes that could land you in serious trouble with the law. In fact, most of these crimes are charged as felonies.

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